Isdomir Isdomir 17 septembre 14:29


One Hour of Mind-Blowing Scientific Theories on Conscious Universe

00:00 Introduction
00:38 Why Did Schrödinger Believe That There Was Only One Mind In The Universe ?
10:59 Is The Universe Just A Giant Brain ? (Panpsychism)
18:55 Is Every Galaxy A Neuron In A Vast Universal Brain ? (Are We Living In Someone’s Brain ?)
27:11 Did Consciousness Become The Universe And Create Itself ? (Double-Slit Experiment, Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics)
37:28 Can It Be Tested Whether The Universe Is Conscious ? (Integrated Information Theory)
45:32 Is The Universe A Living Organism ? (The Living Universe Hypothesis)
53:51 Is Earth Alive ? (The Gaia Hypothesis)
1:00:16 Is The Universe Fine-Tuned For Life And Mind ? (The Fine-Tuning Argument)
1:05:34 Are We The Universe Becoming Aware Of Itself ? (Is Consciousness Ultimate Reality ?)

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